Rise Housing


Buy real estate without a mortgage. No credit score needed.

Blockchain technology is the biggest disruption to real estate that we've ever seen.

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What real estate should be.

Never pay interest rates again or be shackled to your credit score to buy real estate. Fractional ownership with Rise changes all of that.

With the Rise Marketplace, you don't have to rely on just one neighborhood appreciating because now you can invest small amounts in multiple properties rather than going all in on just one place.

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Your Rise account is linked directly to you. We'll provide 2FA to keep your contributions & equities safe.


Our whitepaper explains everything in the universe, regarding Rise Housing. Read about the Rise ecosystem, from the token creation to our future trajectory.


We help property owners gain liquidity, giving them a cheaper way to to buy, sell, and diversify their holdings.

What real estate should be.

Rise enables everyday investors buy and sell real estate all over the globe.

A complete ecosystem

Tenants want a chance to buy real estate without the crippling debt, while owners want a cheaper and easier way to liquidate. We solve both of these problems while getting the bank out of the middle.

The Rise platform makes buying and selling properties easy and secure for anyone, anywhere, in real time.

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Our plan is to use Ethereum to bring fraud-proof, smart contracts to real estate transactions.

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Where can I learn more?

The best way to learn more about Rise Housing is through our blog. Click here.

What is MetaMask?

Your web browser doesn't have a way to connect to the Ethereum blockchain, yet. MetaMask bridges the gap. It's a Chrome plugin that allows normal web pages to interact with the Ethereum blockchain without running a node (or even knowing what node is). MetaMask is a wonderful project, check it out here!

When can I particpate?

We we will announce when our seed round has completed and when we will be open for public participation.

Can I mine RSE coins?


Can we keep in touch?

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